Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Microsoft Test Manager Test Plan Security Permissions

If you are a Test manager and want to prevent manual testers from changing the Test Plan, you can set up permissions in TFS to do this.
1. Right mouse click on your Team Project > Team Project Settings > Areas and Iterations

2. Select Area and click on Security button on the bottom
3. Select Testers group and Deny “Manage Test Plan” permissions

4. So now manual testers will not be allowed to create, edit or delete a test plan in Microsoft Test Manager.  If a manual tester tries to create/edit/delete a test plan, they will receive the following message that prevents them from doing so.

Anna Russo
Sr. ALM TFS Software Process Consultant


  1. Will manual testers be able to create test cases and add to suites within the test plan?

    Alsp, will manual testers be able to run test cases?

    1. Testers will be able to create test cases, but not add suites within the test plan.

      Yes they will be able to run test cases.

    2. Anna,
      What if there is no specific group called Testers & testers are part of Contributors.
      Does Deny will take preference over other allow permissions for anything?

      I guess MTM 2012 also have similar permission.I dont know whether MS have come up with specific permissions for Test Suites Level,Any idea?

      Mayur Bondre

  2. Hi Mayur,

    Since tester's are part of Contributors group you can still set the Manage Test Plans permission. Yes Deny takes preference over the most permissive allow. MTM 2012 does not have any new features related to permissions.

    Hope that helps,