Saturday, November 5, 2011

Bulk Copy Test Cases Tool for Microsoft Test Manager & TFS

A while ago I had written a blog post Microsoft Test Manager Test Case Versioning on how to manage Test Cases over multiple releases which required you to manually copy test cases individually.

Now there is a tool to help with the bulk copying of Test Cases and updates the Iteration field at the same time.  In the example below I am copying my Test Cases from Iteration 1 to Iteration 2.

Click here to download the tool Bulk Copy Test Cases Tool

  1. Click on Connect to TFS Team Project
  2. Select Project Collection and Team Project
  3. Find Query (e.g. "Test Cases Iteration 1")
  4. Double-click to Run Query 
  5. The Query Results will display on the right
  6. Select Options
    • Copy Links - When the option is checked the tool will copy links.  When the option is unchecked the tool will not copy links.
    • Copy Attachments - When the option is checked the tool will copy attachments.  When the option is unchecked the tool will not copy attachments.
  7. Select Target Iteration for the release you would like to copy the test cases to (e.g. "Iteration 2)
  8. Click Copy Test Cases
  9. You will then receive a confirmation "Completed Copying Test Cases"
  10. Now I have copied all the Test Cases I need for Iteration 2
  11. When you create a query for Test Cases Iteration 2 you will see
    • A newly generated Work Item ID 
    • The Iteration Path has been updated to Target Iteration

Anna Russo
Application Lifecycle Management Consultant


  1. Is it not possible to copy also the attachments of the test cases? We often attach some pictures to the test steps as examples of the expected results.
    And is it possible to get the source of your bulk copy tool?

  2. Hi Bruno,

    Thanks for the feedback. I have added new options to also copy the attachments of the test cases. Just download the new version