Thursday, August 2, 2012

Community TFS Reports - Test Plan Status Report for Microsoft Test Manager

My colleague Steve St. Jean has done a great job with a newly released Test Plan Status report available on  codeplex

"The Test Plan Status is a report that extends the functionality found in the Test tab of Microsoft Test Manager.  While Test Manager can show you the completion status of the selected Test Suite, it does not show roll-up information when you have a hierarchy of suites.  This report is intended to fill that gap."

How to Install Report

Test Plan Status Report

I have also submitted a report request for a Test Case Risk Report  The most common problem I see today in QA is that when development teams go over schedule, regression testing time is shortened to whatever time is left in order to "stay on schedule".  What that says to me is that time is valued over quality.  Although it is not an ideal scenario, it is very realistic and the risk should be mitigated with a plan.  Testers need valuable information of test risk so that important decisions can be made to address the constraint of time.

The Test Case Risk Report would:
• Identify the riskiest test cases according to high test failure and highest bug severity
• Identify the total execution time needed for regression testing of riskiest test cases
• Identify test cases that can be removed from test plans because they bring less value of cost than maintainence

Anna Russo
Application Lifecycle Management Consultant

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