Thursday, October 11, 2012

How to Install Microsoft Test Manager 2012 aka Visual Studio Test Professional 2012

If you are interested in how to install Microsoft Test Manager 2012, I have created a list of tools and instructions to get you up and running.  In 2012, the product test team has made great improvements in this area by including the Expression Encoder, Feature Pack 2, Team Explorer in the Test Professional install. This makes it easier than ever to install which is a win for everyone.  Maybe one day Test Scribe will be included in the product install - a girl can dream :)

As a good tester, I have also included steps on how to verify the installation of all these tools.  Enjoy!

  1. Virtual Clone Drive  
  2. Microsoft Visual Studio Test Professional installs Microsoft Test Manager & Visual Studio Team Explorer
    • Download Test Professional trial ISO from here(Expand Test Professional and select Download Now next to the CD icon)
    • OR  Login into MSDN 
    • Download Visual Studio Test Professional ISO from MSDN
    • Right mouse click on ISO and Mount ISO to drive letter
    • Go to mounted drive letter and run VS_TestProfessional.exe
    • You will be prompted to restart
    • Verify Installation:
      • Go to Start menu > All Programs > Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 > Microsoft Test Manager 2012
      • Go to Start menu > All Programs > Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 >  Visual Studio 2012 (this is actually Team Explorer if you are just installing Test Professional)
  3. Test Scribe allows you to print Microsoft Test Manager Test Plans and Test Runs
    • Download Test Scribe
    • Run TestScribe_x86.msi
    • Verify Installation: 
      • Go to Start menu > All Programs > Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 > Microsoft Test Manager 2012
      • Click on the Testing Center dropdown
      • Select Tools from the dropdown
      • You will see Test Plan Summary and Test Run Summary available

Anna Russo
Sr. ALM TFS Software Process Consultant 


  1. Anna, you're awesome! Can't tell you how many times I've been looking for some piece of info (like about installing MTM 2012), and found one of your helpful posts.

    Kudos to you- THANKS for all of your effort, and keep up the great work!