Thursday, November 15, 2012

Exploratory Testing - What's new for Microsoft Test Manager 2012 RTM Part 3

So the third part of this series of What's New in MTM 2012 is Exploratory Testing.

Now you are probably thinking automate writing my test cases, I wish.  Seriously this is one of the best features introduced in MTM 2012.

Now let's get your MTM robot to work writing your test cases by capturing your steps while you are testing.  In case your wondering I call my robots "Annabots".

Add a Requirement to your Test Plan
Once your Requirement is in your Test Plan, right mouse click and select Explore requirement 

Start your testing
After seeing the commercials on TV, I was testing the Bing search engine to see if I could find my blog.
Then click on Create test case

Test case automagically created
My Annabots hard at work automatically captured my steps while I was testing and inserted them into a test case work item - so awesome!  All I had to do was add a title and Save.

Click on Change steps
By default only the last 10 actions display. You can click on Change steps button to display and select/unselect the additional steps you would like to see in your test case.

To change the default number of actions captured
Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 11.0\Common7\IDE\mtm.exe.config
Look for the following line  <add key="DefaultNumberOfActions" value="20"/>

Talk about efficient, I think I need an Annabot clone army  :)

Anna Russo
Application Lifecycle Management Consultant


  1. Love it! Running the Exploratory test and easily converting to test case or logging bug.

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