Monday, April 1, 2013

TFS Admin Reports delivered to your inbox daily

I came across a TFS cube error while troubleshooting another issue that was reported to me.  Now if every TFS Admin had the TFS Admin Reports emailed to them daily, then they would have seen the cube status error and responded accordingly.

It's really easy to setup Reporting Services to automatically email you the TFS Admin reports so that you are proactively managing the TFS server.

  1. Navigate to Microsoft SQL Server > Configuration Tools > Reporting Services Configuration Manager
  2. Fill out the Sender Address and SMTP Server
  3. Go to the each one of the TFS Admin Reports and select Subscribe
  4. Enter your email address and time of day you would like to have your report emailed.
  5. The TFS Admin Reports will be emailed to you (now if you set up an Outlook rule and ignore these emails, it kinda defeats the purpose of proactively managing the TFS server, just saying)
BTW, this also works for any of your other TFS SSRS reports that you would like automatically emailed out .

Anna Russo
Application Lifecycle Management Consultant

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