Sunday, October 20, 2013

What's New in Microsoft Web Test Management TFS 2013 RTM

Back in February at the ALM Summit I spoke about how Microsoft's Web Test Management is the next generation of testing tools.  Now let me show you what I'm excited about and what's new!  Did I mention it feels like opening new toys for Christmas in October :)

Access to Test Plan's from Web Test Management

Create a new Test Plan easily

Open MTM from the web - Super handy shortcut that opens Microsoft Test Manager

The Test Plan and Test Run menus are co-located
This is what awesome tester's need to be efficient!

Test Case Pane gives you viewing options
This dual pane view allows you to have your test cases list side by side with your test case.  You can also choose to view the test case on the bottom.

The Test Runner displays all actions/expected results so that you can execute and Pass/Fail test steps.

Click on pencil icon to edit test steps while running tests 
If for some reason the app changes after you write your test case (I know that never happens...) - no worries because now you can easily edit your test steps in the Test Runner.

Edit step options menu
You can insert a new test step, delete a test step, reorder the test steps up or down.

Pass/Fail Tests in Bulk
A hidden gem that allows you to highlight test steps with the Shift key and then you can select the Pass or Fail icon and it will apply to all selected.

Create bugs from the Test Runner
I love that the Test Runner automatically uses my test steps to create the bug and also indicates the failure point in red (for those developers who don't read thru the entire bug - you know who you are).  Just enter a Title, Assign it to a developer to fix it, select Severity and Save.

Run using MTM client
Need to use the power data and diagnostics tools such as Video, System Information, Intellitrace and other collectors, not a problem just select Run using client option.

Bulk edit test cases by changing the view to Grid
One of the best enhancements I have seen is the ability to bulk edit test cases using the grid view and you can also paste directly from excel!

View results
Take a look at all the testing that has been completed and give yourself a pat on the back!

Hope you enjoy all the new features that Web Test Management has to offer in 2013!

Anna Russo

Sr. ALM TFS Software Process Consultant

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