Monday, May 12, 2014

Load Testing using the Visual Studio Online Cloud

Last week, I co-presented with Charles Sterling a Program Manager from Microsoft on Using the Cloud to Load Test and Monitor your Applications.  Here's how super easy it is to setup a load test in the cloud, give the steps below a whirl and let me know what you think.

Create a web performance test
  • File > New > Project

  • Select Web Performance and Load Test Project

  • Click on the web test recorder

  • Record the web test and click on Stop when done

Create a load test
  • Right-click on the Web Test Project (this is the most unintuitive part, but there is a screenshot to the rescue)
  • Select Add > Load Test

  • Select the options from the Load Test wizard
  • Double-click on Local.testsettings

  • Select Run tests using Visual Studio Online

  • Click to Run the Load Test

  • From the Load Test menu > Load Test Manager
  • It displays the current in progress Load Test
  • I can click on the dropdown arrow and select Open to see further details

I really miss setting up an entire load test infrastructure....not really :)

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