Wednesday, June 11, 2014

What's New in Microsoft Web Test Management TFS 2013 Part 2

I have to give kudos to the test product team and the features they have been delivering with the quarterly updates.  I am going to recap the test features that have been delivered in TFS 2013 Update 2.

Column options for test cases bulk entry/edit grid view
I have been asked multiple times about bulk editing test cases in Excel.  With the bulk entry/edit grid view in Web Test Manager BUILT-IN you can do this all from the web.  In this example I would like to update the priority of multiple test cases to add to my regression suite.

So when you are in grid view, you will think Anna there is no way to customize the columns that are displayed because there is no option to do so.  And you are correct, the key is to make sure you are in List view as shown below.

Click on Column Options

Select Priority column from Available columns and move it to Selected columns

Select Grid from View option and you will see the Priority column.  Now you can bulk edit multiple Priority columns at record breaking speed.

If you would find it helpful to have the column options button on the grid view, guess what you can vote here for it USER VOICE - VOTE FOR COLUMN OPTIONS ON GRID VIEW

Print and Email test artifacts from Web Test Manager
This is a very exciting feature to talk about, because for all of Microsoft's Test Manager history you would have to download the Test Scribe add-on in order to get this functionality.  Well thank goodness for more built-in easy to use features.

There is now an Email Print test artifacts button available under the test plan.  Now if you have ever adjusted the pane splitter you won't see this new feature.  Just move the splitter over and magically the icon appears!

The email print options are as follows.  I think it's important to note if you would like everything from a test plan, select the test plan and the option that states Selected suite + children.

And the output is in html format which is fantastic, because I can click on the test case id hyperlink and it opens the test case.

Shared Parameters for Test Cases
Parameters have always been an important part of test cases, but the reusability Shared Parameters gives you is even more awesome!

You can take any of your current parameters and select the Convert to shared parameters option.

Give the shared parameter a name and click on Create

When the Shared Parameter is created, click on the work item hyperlink

And this is where it gets really exciting, Shared Parameters are work items with an awesome grid!!  Ok maybe I'm the only one who gets excited about work items and that I can query them, get alerts on them, history - you know that kind of stuff.  (Yes I know how normal I am...)

Another benefit of the Shared Parameter being a work item is the bidirectional link of which test cases are referencing this Shared Parameter.

Hope that helps,

Anna Russo
Sr. ALM TFS Software Process Consultant

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