Thursday, November 5, 2015

How to Install Microsoft Test Manager 2015 aka Visual Studio Test Professional 2015

If you are interested in how to install Microsoft Test Manager 2015, I have written up the instructions to get you up and running quickly with the latest.

  1. Microsoft Visual Studio Test Professional installs Microsoft Test Manager 
    • Download Visual Studio Test Professional
    • Click on Downloads
    • Under Visual Studio Downloads > Click on Visual Studio 2015
    • Select Test Professional 2015
    • Choose format: Select Web Installer
    • Click Download button
    • VS_TestProfessional.exe will be downloaded at amazingly quickly
    • Go thru the install wizard

Anna Russo
Sr. ALM TFS QA Consultant 


  1. Does VS Enterprise 2015 come with Test Manager?

    1. Yes VS Enterprise 2015 does come with Test Manager.