Tuesday, May 2, 2017

TFS 2017 Auto Create Test Cases from Acceptance Criteria & Bulk Copy Test Cases Tool

This post is long overdue, but when you have twins life becomes this adventurous twinado roller coaster!   I have been asked many times if my tools Auto Create Test Cases from Acceptance Criteria  & Bulk Copy Test Cases Tool  work with TFS 2017, the answer to that is YES!  Since the Visual Studio Marketplace is in preview some of the features like editing the compatible version are not available yet.  After a lot of inquiries I was finally able to update the extension page to reflect the compatible version of 2017.  Here's a refresh on what the tool does below. Thanks for your support and patience!

TFS users put a lot of great information in the Acceptance Criteria field of the Product Backlog Item to ensure that the PBI meets a certain level of quality.  Usually tester's then create test cases manually(boo!) so that they can report on the testing of that PBI.  Well that's all until today, because now there is a tool that auto creates test cases efficiently so that you can spend more time on the most valuable activity - TESTING!

Here's how it works:

  1. Click on Connect to TFS Team Project
  2. Select Project Collection and Team Project
  3. Find Query (e.g. "PBI Sprint 1")
  4. Double-click to Run Query 
  5. The Query Results of PBI's will be displayed on the right
  6. Enter Delimiter (e.g. "-").  The delimiter is used to separate the acceptance criteria and create multiple test cases.
  7. Click on Create Test Cases and wait for the AnnaBots, I mean tool to do all the hard work for you.
  8. Viola test cases were automatically created and linked to the PBI!
  9. The resulting test case looks like this with the Acceptance Criteria in the Title and Expected Result field and the PBI in the Action.
  10. The resulting PBI has the 2 test cases automatically linked.

Anna Russo

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